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example can be cited than a case, recorded by Hagan, in which a child
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tube and read over a mirror, or a light covered with
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it is difficult to see how the appropriation of the same property, by
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Mr. Barnard, working on the same lines with Dr. L. Hill, attributes
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Not long ago I heard of a lady who, in her desire that her children
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enforced. Acute senile mania is often difficult of management : soporifics
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Journ. of Derm. Dec. 1898. — -9. Pettrini and Babes. Journ. d'anat. et de
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That this constitutes one chapter, and that an important one, in the
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disease it is circumducted with the object of clearing the toes from the
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were met with. In Paris, where such cases used to be so frequent, they
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grow the scutula often run together, individual discs being pressed into
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of the ordinary form is not difficult. The
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but it cannot be put into operation until the disease becomes chronic ;
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man who murders another, in order to rob him of some article of trifling
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who, with all his amiability, could not tolerate fools, and the
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common among the chronic insane in asylums, a proclivity dependent on
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weeks before such a result is got, but improvement may be hastened
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every case. In many the idea of self-destruction arises, but is firmly
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mastoid and trapezius be implicated, we should have the condition less
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patient has been seen by him (or her) within two days before the date of
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say, " to tell me that I am insane. My mind is as clear as a man's mind
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the town, so far as to be proclaimed a bone-setter of more
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sometimes indistinguishable from delusive interpretations. They are most
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or to marble ; and its hardness to that of a wooden board. In the early
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and later the favorite vehicle for medicine. The host of his
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centres which are fairly well known, and to which special names are
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(4) It is desirable to set up controls of known Rh positive
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odd 10 per cent the case may be complicated by evidence of two or more
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This boy was always odd and eccentric during his stay of many
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growing sclerosis and the veins were dilated — thus causing the sur-
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malaise, vomiting, and pain in the back precede the spasms ; and in others
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synonym for slow and indescribable torture. By odd coin-
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Deep pigmentation of the skin, assuming various tints from a mere
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become reserved, morose, jealous, and spiteful, he does not respond to
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micrometer screw working on a mercury reservoir. Such
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with the production of an artificial kerion whereby the fungus may be
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which on recovery the patient may refer. He may lead a kind of dream-
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of Physiology in the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
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the mere neurasthenic is open to argument, and his heart to hope.
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into his own head. The reader may be left to imagine how
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noon massage is stopped, and thus by degrees it is discontinued
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The rise of temperature lasts from three to five days, and this may
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extending to the edges of the paper, on which were printed
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attitude of ecstatic terror or horror, and cannot be made to lie down (M.