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Another statistical note regarding the most recent epidemic may

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holding one ounce, with a fine nozzle as small as a hypodermic needle ; a solution

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an emetic and a cathartic; but the cough continued so severe,

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I have mentioned jaundice as an occasional symptom both of

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petite, and excessive thirst. The intestinal evacuations may be nor-

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constitutions are more easily attacked, and likewise more severely.

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staining. The reaction is also considered of great importance in view

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data that chronic Bright's disease, more especially the small granular kidney,

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and the American Medical Association (l!)()(j \H)7), and is now icco^-

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tween oxalic acid and bromine, the divalent oxalate ion reacts very

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supply needs as though it did not exist. During World

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cussed iu order. Probably the most valuable portion of the work is that

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c. which sum shall be used by said association preferably for the following

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normal pulses. The bigeminus is consequently unshortened, since the premature

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soon recovered. This case certainly showed the bene-

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she was about twenty-two. She went to San Diego, California, and built up a

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occurred to me — and only occurred to me this morning, a few

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Observation teaches us that they are not identical, or even analogous.

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July 2, accompanied with constriction of the post-cervical

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him — that of convenience. This led to the ridiculous situation of his

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the pelvis and calyces first becomes thinned, and later thickened, by the growth

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Hort, of Edinburgh, claims great success for a method

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immediate tapping, which was done with a large trocar and

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surgeon, if sufficiently educated, if earnestly devoted to his

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tions both with the immune serums and antigens. This antigenic

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patient in a continuous warm bath for two or three weeks may be tried,

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times more than in health, yellow, perfectly clear, of a specific gravity