No attempt is made to outline the heart Instead of this the rela-
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that the mosquito is in any way deleteriously affected by the
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41. Removal of the Lachrymal Gland for the Radical Cure of Inveterate
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fever treated in St. Luke's Hospital in the summer and
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motor and sensory roots, but the sensory portions have degenerated,
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on and his atony remains, although urination is natural
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high and the pulse slow; the tongue furred, the edges and tip red;
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liead from ear to ear, and 16 inches from the frontal sinus to the occipital pro-
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Are not nine-tenths of our patients living in greater or less
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creased. In such cases the expiratory power alone, or mainly,
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dilatation is not changed by the fact that there may be old bronchial
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lence is reduced while the production of streptolysin is not affected so
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the joint was more or less ankylosed. He seemed to keenly feel the
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Cathedral, Halifax. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of the
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Ruge's Method. — The best thick film method is that of Ruge.
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city in 1761 . The year following he emigrated to America, and was one of the
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and settled with a view to practice medicine, but being elected to
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Fig. 15. — lyiver. Solitary superficial entamebic abscess on outer surface of right lobe.
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been given showed several very sluggish ameba with considerable
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it was normal, and all went well, giving every hope
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may be executed in a neat, orderly manner wilhout loss of time, or confu-
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suspicions or artifices ; wide in his views, and full of generous and
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that the functions of the organ were somewhat impaired.
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servation he was entirely free from fever, but unconscious most
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rapacity of wild beasts. I have, however, added them to complete the
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(iii.) The relative frequency of an abscess in these different situations.
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it. In some patients the peculiar moV)ile spasm known as athetosis is