mucous mumbrane of the gallbladder to prevent the formation of
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specially combined movements needed for articulate speech are called
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type, is frequently highly idiomatic and at the same time condensed.
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spread to the peritoneum and local peritonitis is present ; this
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a case in which a clot of blood was found compressing and destrojdng this
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~: As to the pathology of the disease I know I need say little to you for
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lower part of the pelvis, which could be clearly outlined. It
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affected, it mav be down even to the bone. The exact condition under-
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It has been observed that diarrhoea has sometimes attacked the crews of ves-
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a dynamic assessment of a patient’ s ability to transfer and
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ened, and the parts were carefully approximated and
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prominent features, serving as they do to give, with an excel-
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building. The hospital contains four wards and can ac-
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replacement into almost normal position is usually easy, ^s we pass
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exudation and the mitigated stick when there is great development of
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duing a malady which has so constantly proved fatal In the
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order to throw out from the system the morbid accumulation which has
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while others are peculiar, especially the simultaneous
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triamterene-hydrochlorothiazide (dyazide)
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what. Fungus on plain gelatin or potato agar changes litmus from red to blue very
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most sensitive stomachs." — Druggufn' Circular and Chemical Gazette.
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inal secretion is very much lessened by douches. — Virginia
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is exceedingly variable. The majority of cases terminate within a year or
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Chir, Klin, zu Bern, Jena, 1891, 187. — Kninmer (E.) &,
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The train of s\Tiiptoms described at the terminal phase of the
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ing in their MSS.. and will be charg-ed for same as per scale of charges printed elsewhere.
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ability. The paralysis was of the ascending type, and finally
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appetite, impaired digestion, and faulty nutrition, followed by
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several instances of exacerbation of all the symptoms of phthisis
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the clinical instruction or by advancing the instruction in
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Leonard (Manchester Lock Hospital) gives the following
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instances a few days thereafter; less frequently after an interval of
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happiness, -Is there no frog, here?" There was silence, dead silence
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only in degree from what sometimes happens in myelitis, and the later
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haps, interesting to a section of this meeting, not
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factors in Hie development of the disease, and one be-
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7th October: The following announcement is substituted for
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endocardium, and washed by the blood into the cavities of these cen-
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ance of ovarian activity and the reflected pelvic hyperaemia
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appointed chair of history of medicine in the University of
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figures are certainly much more encouraging, and we are glad to
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termines definitely what the nature of the disturbance of
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of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama be
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Set/' we have labored to gather about these honored standards, all the
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common membranous sore-throat was prevalence of diphtheria. It will
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