though applying to some places, this statement does

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On the 7th December, all traces of the former action of tiie medi-

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the outlines, as a contribution to that very important part of surgery, re-

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he had peripleuritis. The abscess communicated with

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parasites, whenever in sufficiently large amount, is toxic and produces

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igeneral effects. At all the spas elaborate provision is made

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of two deep and three superficial sutures of catgut

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cataract glasses and without the protection of smoked

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earliest dates that I have recorded of it are the sixteenth, twentieth,

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vasations (especially if due to constitutional disorders) are associated with

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cent, of the whole grain. This flour is further separated into a

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teen days elapses. From this time onward the epidemic develops

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system in all chronic cases. It is also useful in poultices for old

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sidered, it can scarcely be made a matter of reproach to me that, amidst

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traveled extensively in Italy, France, and Spain, and

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from his poor old blind mother to do it the seventh death occurred thirty-six hours

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anesthetics seemed to have no appreciable eftect whatsoever, as

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or less marked for a period ranging from a few weeks to several years. It is

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two cases. The response to the faradic has generally been described as

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course, it should be said, on the other hand, that no-

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(Periaxial segmentary neuritis is described under lead neuritis.)

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the former one. Preparations were then being made to tie the artery below

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child to scream incessantly, sometimes for long periods, there was double

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The process of integration which constitutes the funda-

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of alveoli closely packed together, with a scanty supply of in-

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putting tails for two devils, as well as a nose and three fingers for one of the

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" Renal surgery dawned on the 6th of August, 1809," says

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Patient being in good condition, immediate operation was decided

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The caseous nodules in the lung as elsewhere, though having a close

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diastole of the right ventricle in the venous pulse. In

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intoxication. The latter will show itself only in those lu^^ersensi-

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versa. Two-drug therapy will not be successful if either drug

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subject of so much research and speculation as the nature of inflammation,

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part of the country.” He also referred to a state statute adopted a few years before 1944

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place, that the opening period of the da}-, i. e., from 8 a. m. to 11 :30

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Academy, and shall also preside at the Sectional Council .Meetings. In the

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other putrefactive bacteria, and these cannot work in the presence

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resulted in a greatly improved sanitary condition of the house