ques conseils a I'usage des Enropeena qui emigrent en

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The circumstances which modify cutaneous diseases are laid

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pared as follows and rolled into cigarettes, can be smoked two or three

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was to be gradually and firmly prevented from doing her strange

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manager of yesterday has evolved into a skilled professional

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As for Weichselbaum's own deductions from his experi-

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larly on this point tliat our researches have made but small progress, and should be

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College Hospital during a given period, and without any

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salary" (ibid. Appendix No. clix. (par. 8) to vol. vii.).

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System (Right Side) ; 4. Respiratory System ; 5. Points

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the necessity for the treatment he so eloquently advocates may, in the near future, dis-

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L. Furbush. asst.-surgeon, 44th Infantry, the appointment to major,

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tion, difiuse peritonitis being induced by the escape of the contents of the

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and the cremaster reflex was weak. There was weakness of the sphincter

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that you will sometimes form an imperfect idea of your patient's caSe,

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Having made, with this technic, 125 negative examinations on thirty

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restraining them from taking any further action against a

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American Translator mentions the oil of turpentine. Cathar-

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colic. The laudanum had been procured a few days previously at a re-

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very grave. According to Litten, 60% of patients suffering

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1902 Stoker, Graves, F.R.C.S., Surgeon Drumcondra Hospital, 46 Rutland-