This case occurred on the Sd of February, 1834, in the person of a

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til they are sufficient in number to produce the fever. Is it due to a

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eye symptoms beyond a plastic exudation in the choroid, etc , because

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both of these observers is identical with the one under discussion.

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The ciliary circle, ligament or muscle {cmnulus alhidus)

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has been kept for three months by the addition of 6 per cent,

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such a mental shock as may follow upon the death of a parent. In the

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covered with rugs that can be frequently taken up and shaken in the open

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English lake districts conditions of soil and local climate had

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no longer depend on a rise of temperature. Some of the cases pre-

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Dr. Talbot, in reporting concerning the American Institute of Hom-

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and presiding over the nervous acts necessary to organic or vege-

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value of suprarenal extract, based on it« use in 201 cases.

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Where the erysipelatous process was fresh and progressing micrococci

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found, it should be grasped by the points of the narrow-

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divides the exciting causes into four classes. 1. Physical, or

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and has confidence and attention enough inspired, to adhere

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rhubarb. The use of alcoholic drinks is absolutely to be forbidden.

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Digestive Troubles. — Gastralgia, dyspepsia, and perverted appetite are

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expiration of which time her case was considered essentially hope-

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Dr. M'Clintock. It is stated that there was profuse bleeding from a lacera-

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Glasgow, it was stated that bad water, resulting from the lillh and rubbish

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relief which the hospital has afforded to fever patients indepen-

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numerous oT\^ltka\ vllust.tQ.UQnc. In ona yerj. ^UMidbome oilAf« fofauBt. Gtolk. it Hk

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and often apparently desperate cases, whether in chil-

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capsules, which are but a very pure sandal wood oil, better borne than the other

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perspiration becomes more abundant, the itching and

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Heineman, in a paper on this subject, gave a preHminary

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pletely at any time, and carriers and missed cases are growing in interest

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The infundibulum in its turn communicates with the middle meatus through

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diplopia test proved untrustworthy. Theobald, S., 519; an addi-

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the mastoid process, tenderness on pressure upon the bone, and

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progress and the power of resistance displayed by the affected indi-

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theria, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, glanders, leprosy, or any other

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all the appearances of a true optic atrophy develop,

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strated). The photograph was a very good one indeed. The

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having been raised. The laboratory will be thoroughly