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by L. Duncan Bulkley, A. M., M. D., Physician to the New York Skin and

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have caused oedema of the ankle. Disease of the hip-joint can be put

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the microorganism of parasitic stomatitis, or thrush, — the Oidium albi-

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There are many local health problems in every county. The phy-

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natural way with many dangerous symptoms, and often produces very trouble-

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pnoea, insufficient hsematosis or aeration of the blood, and stasis in the

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attention to the value of crude liver extract in all

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85® C. (185® F.) in alcohol, it is destroyed in a very

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Calomel and salol were given in divided doses. At 10 o'clock

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dying. A description and plan of this hospital will be

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Hertyng's lamp, and a lamp for the transillumination of

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June 1*2, 191(). This section shows a typical cell nest, several epithelial

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of horses or cattle not infected, the difficulty of disposing of

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veins of the right lung, when it was compressed, were released by the

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*»* The area of each district is stated in acres. The population is

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he says, '* members of a profession which, when regarded

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Case XIX. — The case of J. B., aged 4, suffering from old-standing trau-

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another as soon as it cools. I have known this procedure to cure a begin-

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these paths more accurately in their anatomic relation than the purely theoretic

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extremities ; she was becoming weaker, and the pulse was