roxylon coca as an adjuvant of other remedies employed in the treatment

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member, except one, was suddenly taken sick, puking every

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Vll-year-old. The first of these was an extremely restless

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it with the other tools; which representation was fully corrob-

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charge of a patient, or else he should not leave him until

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Fruits. — Cranberries, sour cherries, limes, lemons, and red

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off in a threshing-mill. The doctor left after another tumbler,

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death with all its terrors, of so much less account in the

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three years of age. In intussusception, tympanites is rare at first. A

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Dr. Sangster — But I was speaking from information received through Dr. Campbell

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cultivation on a mixture of agar-agar and human-blood serum micro-organ-

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cases after death extensive clotting is found to liave occurre

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by the King we read the words, "The following sheets having

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We also find papillitis in association with meningitis (especially

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of wire. The tongue was pressed down firmly with a tongue depres-

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Syrups are concentrated solutions of sugar in water usually

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phils in the cause of the initial lung damage in patients with

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suprarenal bodies, of adenomatous appearance, which have

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point may be lower than normal, i. e., it may be below — 2.3° C. A

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than the latter drug, and never e.xhibits any cumulative

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advertisement. For information on the preparation of articles, write to the Executive Editor for "Advice to Authors,” or call

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of two drug companies, and everybody had an exhausting and fun-filled time.

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although not more than 4 c.c. were withdrawn, and the patients were confined to

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membranes, such as the pallor and coldness of both. The

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continuous, harmonious vibration, which, judging from

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tles of the best and most recent works on Military Surgery. The

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remedy just mentioned, it appears not improbable that the pain

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dually and quietly away, or the nervous system rouses itself for a

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that causes the disease. Whether there is ever any-

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on alternate days (tertian type), and is marked by a distinct sweat,

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These two means are utilized in the principal methods of treating ob(»it\ , and

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change is which causes this increase of symptoms, but judging from

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even at this day is still too prevalent, has evidently ariseri from

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Repeated withdrawals of small amounts of fluid protect against every