It may be suggestive of tuberculous or epitheliomatous processes. The marked

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normal. She had been peculiarly free from pain dur-

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I have now long advocated, and it gives me some satis-

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Mr. Horsley justly reproaches his own country with being

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she can now flex her knee joint at right angles. I heard from her no

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logische Anatoniie und Physiologic der Tabes Dorsalis," Neurol. Ccntralblatt, 1894, pp.

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without treatment, it may become similar to the more severe attack.

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HIS POISONS principles of the subject, and its relation to Psycho-therapy. By

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W. Dav and Lawrence Litchfield, Pittsburgh, as members of its

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instances shown a dilatation and hypertrophy of the pulmonary artery.

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in 52 out of 78 of (rowers' collected cases, and in 71 of the 86 cases tabulated

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Ovaries of natural appearance, containing together eight corpora lutea of

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hatch the eggs ; the favorite duckling would topple over and

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blood of alien animal species ; others arc the products

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rapid and permanent healing follows rest by fixation, suitable pos-

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such firm contracted hearts are morbid ; agreeing with Budd, that

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ations and by implication condemned the Council and all

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white mouse, cattle inoculated with anthrax blood of the

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First Stage. — The first noticeable symptoms are absence of the

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40% chance of spending some time in a nursing home and

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gioraas and other morbid growths of a pure solution of a

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malignum is developed in such close relationship to pregnancy, the

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structure, and in their behavior under the action of chemical agents.

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subject to the civil service rules applicable to the other

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were directly traceable to the use of intoxicating liquors. In

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case of a child here mentioned, castor-oil was given, and

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a special action on the central nervous system, as is the case in tetamis,

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liver is generally observed in association with disease of the heart, more

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headache, which is described as dull, and often of no particular

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one another in all directions. Handling the feet was

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verse suturing of the posterior portion of the sheath and over-

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or especial susceptibility of kidney, I am not able to conclude.

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and it, therefore, seems proper to accept the name thoracoplastic given