The medicinal activity of this substance depends upon a combina-'

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morbid tissue, when it is accessible ; but, of course,

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Fig. 5. — Recreation room, Letterman General Hospital.

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cian was required to take, as one of the iEsclepiadse : " By Apollo,

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from the backbone and down the middle of the chest.

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could not be reached in a reasonable length of time,

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have adhered to the old slashing system of amputation, not taken to

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old operation of exposing the bone, and of eradicating the

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of the nutrient fluids of the body which causes cer-

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to be obtained. The principle is to strike early and

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of urines can be quickly and with amply sufficient ac-

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thelium. They were often twisted together in a curious

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bone, but no dislocation of fracture was found. The following

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occnrred during Inmhar nephrectomy; therefore, T had

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as lettuce, cabbage, etc., in proportion to the di-

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surgery of a sector of the battlcline over a period

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marches, but, of itself, it gets nowhere ; to make it

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Contributions to Bone and Nerve Surgery, By J. C. Nott,

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history sheets, and coloured cards are filled in, pinned

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It must be borne in mind, that the mortality mentioned is in those

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right side. I begun treatment with intravenous injections of

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and five or six per cent, of coal-tar, or the '* heavy oil of coal tar."

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of the solid ice which sheets the frozen lakes of the North, has been

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cently been introduced into this country. It is called

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could xiiscover some means by which the disfigurement of the face

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CPT-4 : Summary of Additions, Deletions & Revisions (1985 - 1989)