The fluid secreted by it is of greater or less importance. Its
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gans die at once if thawed out too quickly, inasmuch as the
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to the face night and morning, will soon remove freckles. — Practitioner and
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individuals of the same sex— that is to say, from father to son,
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tion drawn to the extraordinary mortality among their new-
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of the disease, whereas No. 37, control, survived the same injection, but with
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When I set out to practice medicine I enough to say, she and I both were vota-
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• Wisconsin, 1990: Total years of potential life lost = 86,345. (54,529 years lost to men
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for the hospital, the rendezvous of the gambler, the gathering-
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physiological effects of the atropia, as the scarlet rash, the char-
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opment of malignant disease. One other thing I would mention
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Ulcerations, on the relations of, of the urethra in
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cause it to work in deeper. A fishhook or an arrow can not be
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three years of life, are those in which epilepsy most frequently commences.
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can afford to pay medical men such remuneration as will enable
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fluenza pneumonia is caused only by a mixed infection with pneu-
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It may also happen that the missile, having entered on one side
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counties I have given the population of each and the total
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others feel sick if they do not have one or two stools daily. The
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rheumatic (jout^ nodosity of the joints (Ilaygarth)^ chronic rheumatic arthritis
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