vessels of the part itself, which remains firmly compressed;
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intensity until a limit is reached, when their toxicity is in
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pital by the pressure of the glands of the neck which be-
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secures a uniform temperature and activity of the skin, which will, to a
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ment. Sometimes the patient recovers completely, only to have a re-
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by an immature worm. After remaining in the nodule for a
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(Proceedings of the Academy of NaJtural Sciences of Philadelphia y May, 1871.)
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Pulex seiraticeps or Ctenoceplialus canis occurs all over the world,
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o'clock, and at ten o'clock at night. This treatment was kept up as a
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ception of common salt, and rarely phosphate of lime
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or staircase, and straining at stool ; in some cases even a blast of cold air.
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frequency and amount of discharges, the skin is cold and covered with a
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