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normal ; the spleen was large and soft ; while the kidneys

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sented in favor of the claim of Dr. Horace Wells, that he originated

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mediately impaired by the operation and sank to T,y'„,

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nearer to its liinit of elasticity, and therefore its range

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ing his wild oats. "The root of the evil, in such laws has not been as strict as it should

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thinker, and the latter gives scientific capacities and in-

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VaughIn (ilgS). Twentieth-Century Practice of Medicme, xm. 72-76.

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to cause him to seek admission to the hospital. Dr. McGinty,

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deaths was initially felt to be due to marketing and pre-

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often unsuspected sources of blood poisoning in young children,

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which enable a person to open his fingers and throw

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Massage of the Prostate. — I3r. Eberman presents the

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1891, ix, 329 - 336. Also : Compt. rend. Soc. de biol..

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recent publications on the subject, and has attempted to show

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• On average, someone over 85 years of age has health

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ent year is an original memoir {Jievve de Chirurgie, Nos. 4 and 5, 1883) by

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typhoid, dysentery, and related types of bacilli. The failure to find

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symptoms are protracted, the patient being unable to

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were not well marked, but there occurred no distinct dia-

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submitted. Susceptible women may experience an increase in blood pressure

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Dr. Hayes said he had read an article on coxa valga some

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Is there a scientific "spin-off?" Does the existence of the