mortem examination showed 2 cavities in the right erector spins
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the Air Service, in view of the foregoing, can be summarized under
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nght arm. Of these, the wounds on the head and chest seem to
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nia and other alkalies, ostensibly with the view of
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with Dr. McBrayer at Sanatorium I established a condition of things and
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alent at that time. Presently he begins to sufier from
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which, occurring in other mucous membranes, are termed catarrh. It
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vital forces, is not less in typhus than in typhoid fever.
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& Fournier (L.) Sur un cas de fifevro typhoide compli-
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from his fellow-practitioners, and who unfortunately died
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cient substitute for the elastic ball of the regular appa-
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method of preparing wood vinegar has already been noticed.
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as a remedy for low and malignant fevers and exanthe-
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ot'oiiomy to mmriyli iiiiy jrivtMi part iiixl rrotii this a iiiodiriim is
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ests are so deeply concerned in it. If the health officer
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Improvement was shown by the Wassermann reaction in the spinal
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both in its clinical and pathological aspects. Dr Groom's account
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of baths often advised because of some supposed curative effect. The
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short time a great amount of blood is effused into the peritoneum,
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THE patient was a boy £et. 10, who was admitted into
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address, delivered at the school to which I am attached, has shown