fact, that if its functions are interrupted, pulmonary diseases and even

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matory type of the fever subsides when the inflammation

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Rather than finding more patients from whom to expect poor

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fect but diminutive, and Bebe an imperfect man. When twenty-two years

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blue specimen boiled for eight hours with an excess of silver oxide.

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Formerly Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Botany, in the Medical

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of the plasma, of the whole blood, and of the defibrinated blood a,re identical. Never-

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been married eight years, and who has borne three children. Two

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or tissues ; but as yet science on this point is almost dumb.

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salpinx. Death occurred three days after the begin-

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hospital treatment on account of an abdominal swelling which had

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the upper lip there was an ecchymosed patch the size of a pea. On

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of the guinea-pig's blood is lessened in anaphylaxis, but the diminution

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or crack, around which a specific growth of tissue takes place — a

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The color of the hair depends not alone ui)on the presence of pigment

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formed, the previous arrest of the placental circulation miglit be

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they are kept long. They may either be inhaled from a bottle, which can be

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man. Castration in early life, as in the case of eunuchs, results in

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new layer of planning bureaucrats responsible only to the person who appointed

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Attto-Observatlon of the Elimination of Acetone. Schu-

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nation of the distribution of the pain, and in deciding whether a rheu-

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mediastinitis. Too great importance may be given to systolic retraction

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Riseman®^ has divided all cases of angina pectoris into

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regarded by the patients only as minor degrees of the same.

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contrary, while he gave the opinions and practice of

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stage, with the death rate of 18 or 20 per cent. The greatest objection

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average annual rate of mortality in 1,000 of the \u'\ ,

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to long-continued strain from continual detonations,

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Sir : In last week's Medical Record Dr. H. M. Wells,