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entirely covered; during the filtration of portions IV, V, and VI it

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Bainbridge from disease, but we have sought them in vain;

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delivery. A woman in an advanced state of piegnancy, while sitting on a cham-

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grave inconvenience, if no worse, to the family ! How

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can be dispensed with at his present station. S. O. 268,

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the

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every hour, but does not have to get up at night. The capacity

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Missouri Medical College, March 5, graduated a class of

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publish the results. There really could not be a better proof of the efficacy of mini-

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respiratiou and rapid prostration suggest some resemblance to a common

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that he specially drew upon, a scheme in which they elaborated a view of

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fourteenth day ; the next largest on the twenty-first day ; and

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Si^/eew.— The spleen was considerably enlarged, measuring 8 in. long,

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Vaccination : A Condensed Summary of the Evidence in its Favour,

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£173, being the proceeds of Paisley Red Cross flag day; £100

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mechanisms employed in arc lamps : ( 1 ) those which main-

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cussion ; vocal fremitus is not lessened ; the chest-walls are retracted

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to appear, it was soon observed that the disease thus

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tive tube, pancreas, or spleen. The kidneys present, next to the skin

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watery fluid was present at the site of the organ; little evidence

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rience of Stuttgart, the capital of Wiirtemberg, between