associated neui'oses, and a further one is the relationship of neighbouring

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Peshawur, and Subathoo in the Sirhind division. Murree is

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runs a rapid course. In the slow and chronic form of diabetes the first

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that could be returned, 1 passed a silver-wire suture

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Ejened. jour. "Prakt. med.", St. Petersb., 1895, ii, 493-495.

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the disease. Typhoid delirium and other ataxic symptoms occurred in severe

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science, at any rate, that which is to-day attracting the most

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to proceed to the most speedy possible enucleation.

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from the seeds, in the dose of 30 drops, produces profound

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Green stools may result from an excessive amount of bile.

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was (ollowed by muscular spasms, which in turn caused

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a slight ridge extending from the centre of one side to the

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arsenic are perhaps best, the iron being given as Blaud's pills and the arsenic

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too badly organized for such a person to receive much

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Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia and University

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Yankton College, Yankton, S. D., and then returned to the University

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marked, the only difference of opinion being in just what ])roportion

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comparison of color. To a few drops of the filtrate pow-

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spherical bony case capable of resisting lli<' atmospheric pressure, the

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On the street floor, in addition to a commodious lobby

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Course and Duration. — The behavior of the acute and perforating

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Fig. 7. — Renal Tubule Containing a Cylinder Composed of Fine (Jranules of

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each hemisphere, may be caused through disease of the

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the volume of a small orange, and filled with a brown dirty-

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interesting digression on the means by which animal and vegetable

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of the tufts appears to be proliferated. There is infiltration of the tissue by

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only available when the uterus is in action ; and because of its tendency to

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careful attention to the signs and symptoms should be readily recognised.

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tion. The Local Government Board recognise only the Special Certificates

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I think it right to notice, in this place, a part of my conduct,