widely. The chief action of the injection is to block the

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attempts at speedy reduction of the deformity had been fol-

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zations of the organism may take i)lace, as in the peritoneum, menin-

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fallacy of the vertical footpiece. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1893,

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which was described by Roloff and Bollinger in 1875 and 1876.

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conjoined with the no less essential constitutional remedies

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vanic current through the ears. This so-called galvanic ver-

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Attacks of this kind occasion great alarm, and the physician, will natu-

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Committee. Then, " That the Branch Councils be requested

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alent at that time. Presently he begins to sufier from

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the intensity of the disease, and the disappearance of

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— that wherever circumstances shall permit, the horizontal position

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credit themselves by intimating that he does so claim. Being

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comprehensive, does a better service to mankind than if he

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exploratory incision, as is the practice in the Johns

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receive only, the lowest grade of full certificates authorized

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causes is only temporary, and the periods return when the cause is removed.

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Auburn, read a description of an operation used in the reuioval

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demands of time and study necessary to proficiency in pro-

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that the curve of the catheters be made a httle longer

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w so, few will be found to deny, it is only by endeavouring to

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Par., 1897, xvii, 2.53-255. Also, transl. : Med. Week, Par.,

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steatoma, moUuscum contagiosum, and the form of acne of the

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plasm, and this is preciseh' the stage in which the chromatin under-

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normally holds the joint in |)lace? Of course, we go

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has subsided, you must leave off the antiphlogistic remedies, and give

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