the genital tract after labor. When the necessity arises,
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that syphilitic eruptions are sometimes grouped according to the dis-
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all cunning to find out things invisible, and cure that which healed
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MI, where he has been training for the past three years.
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disgraceful practice of Small- Pox Inoculation prevailing around to an alaiming
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whose other coats (media and adventitia) have been weakened.
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working arrangement. As a result, now 77% of the civilian
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ment to the invalid pension law, passed by the Reichstag, and
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hemorrhages. The central convolutions were especially affected by the
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of India has been powerfully productive of leprosy.
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in diameter about both the ankles and wrists. The pete-
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paper concludes, and which we present to our readers without
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stomach cont'iins lai-ge masses of partially digested blood, which has not
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the truth of them. She also recognized fully and completely the
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County Medical Society I We should advise this man,
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80 per cent of all cases. Other authors (Cole et al,
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on percussion are — no dulcess, sometimes slight tenderness
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^••.iL' ••'.. 111.' uIutI ,.f lur unit. ..nj ,!,,■ «..rk im,-i in,-M-..,l,K Milfrr
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kidney should wander farther in the downward direction
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troversy since the first case of flutter was studied by the electrocardio-
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and his education, both general and professional, of the
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mass expelled from the uterus. In the first place, it may be important to
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collar may seem trivial, but it is sufficient to retard the progress
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arm being extended, the knee in a state of flexion, and the foot
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language, should be sent to Dr, J. Ewing Mears, 1429
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to remain as a substitute for digitalis. It is curious to observe
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I have had only one or two cases out of fourteen or fifteen without
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saries. Moreover, seventeen medical journals are sustained, and
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that in this epidemic there is something netu ; and it occurred to
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blotted out, for fear that somebody may find it in The Proceedings and make use of
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disease. Because of its uncertain etiology it has received many
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perforation in an unrecognized typhoid, manifested by
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tm . . .„. corpuscles are common elements, but more com-
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B. Wash the diseased area with a solution of one or two
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urine, gives rise to a marked opalescence, and when this globulin is
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Tingling and numbness of the hands and feet, diminution of
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spreading insidiously for two or three days before the substance of the cheek is
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responds to the inferior margin of the ribs, or extends a finger's