at the junction of the horny wall and coronary substance, im-
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adults, because that lessened the chances of infection ; but he thought that if
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no one doubts of its being what it really is, namely, a chronic
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and giant. They exhibit a tendency to necrosis, followed
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ciples and other remedies are applied, with no more encouraging results. Finally a
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plying them have been given off from the main trunk
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chest and the increase in the abdominal condition. Many inter-
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indeed remarkable that one such as he should have worked so
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thing happen amiss, they are not slow to abuse the said
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now, when there is another organization that fully represents
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such studies as advanced physiology, pathology, and the like. It
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mencing with chilliness and shivering, followed by symptoms of fever,
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tomies was greatly to be preferred in suitable cases.
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able respecting the incubation period of the disease. The explanation is no doubt
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The patient relishes a piece of broiled meat daily, and a
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in his fit, and that is in contrast with hysteria and many
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prominent in the early stage, and spinal distortion must
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Knmstadte, 189U-7, xxxv, 30-32.— .Simon (P.) Fractures
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fully considered and tried. I feel convinced, however,
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subject to the call of the Chairman or on petition of three Councilors. It
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parts. Usually its duration is limited to the acute stage of the disease.
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the increase in the temperature of the body, — because of a diminished
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Achilles-jerks absent, plantar reflexes absent. Lumbar puncture in the fourth
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Save as regards the cow, the discrepancies in the published analyses of the milks
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no other than the salivary, buccal, pharyngeal, oesophagial, and
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Italian Journal on Venereal and Cutaneous Diseases. Edited by G. B.
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where the husband is annoyed, and the wife made "n'retched
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is diminished and the pulse-wave is smalL If^ now, we reduce this
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dilatation of the right side of the heart. Under such
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gastric juice. The combination of these three factors appears to permit
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long enough, these bilious secretions are succeeded by a thin
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Announcement of the Atlanta Medical College, Session of
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was injected beneath the skin of rabbits' ears and an erysipe-
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given to this disease, but I see no reason to quarrel with those who first
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have refused to believe that they were seriously ill. As for tetanus, the
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improved ; perspired profusely during the night. He was perfectly