apparatus during the past ten years proves it to be absolutely perfect,
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mater at the base of the cerebrum (basilar meningitis), Avhilst in adults
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and feeble and physical prostration extreme. The temperature may rise
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many among us cannot touch it, even if we get it, and it is
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improved, and rarely occurred in cases admitted early. The intes-
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small round or oval, dark greenish-yellow specimens are the
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Cliquot, but these are usually too heavy and sweet for the
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it should be moderate. During inclement weather the patient should
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breaks in America), in 1869-73 (America in 1873), in 1884 (in Europe),
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it is in military surgery where asepsis and antisepsis are
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The operation was painless. Its effect upon the uterus was ascer-
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great physician of Paris of his time. He made a great spe-
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and further contends that these latent foci do not exist before the age
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cable, or a warm bath with cold affusions followed by friction. These
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been exhausted for nine days without result. Laparotomy was deter-
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cold-water treatment. It is claimed, and we believe with justice, that the
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ucts? Can there be an infection? If an infection, is it di-
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is a diuretic, increasing arterial pressure, and should be given
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soil (where they preserve their vitality under favorable conditions for
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cents. These shops are used by all classes for the mid-day
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before the student just as other therapeutic agents and methods are
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1870 were held at the Pennsylvania Hospital, at the Phila-
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that not only physicians but laymen should know at least
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ourselves more and more to ordinary rheumatism being a
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a most wonderful man, as gynaecologist, obstetrician, sur-
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like the pines. Most trees shed their leaves by an act of am-
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rhal, and gastro-intestinal symptoms. Pepper and Stengel have reported
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pain, are greatly improved before the crisis is reached.
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the latter, facts opposed to the contagious theory of the disease can
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These are important to take into account, and in such dis-
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per cent, of alcohol. We have sweet wines and dry wines. A
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quent and apt to be accompanied by more or less abdominal pain and