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Obstetrics and Gynecology Tech. Bull. 30. Feb. 1975.

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immediately made a compression upon the wound with some

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of the cases I have narrated certainly deceived most of those

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still further flexed, the foot and toes remaining in the

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by M. Littre,^ another by M. Mery,^ a third by Dr. Hunter,^

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Peterson et al. failed to show a correlation between con-

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aneurism, which extended beneath Poupart's ligament and

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lating property as essential to lymph. Dr. Davy has favoured me

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than in its natural state. To this opinion I was first led by

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movements are increased on exertion ; they continue when the

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carry them to the spleen, in whose cells they have the vesicles

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cosis: A clinicopathologic studv of 51 cases. Lah Invest 11:963-985,

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we have the figure A3*511, which means that the reference required is

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under disease, from 1021 to 1033. In soldiers bled for sHght ailments,

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• living. Patient had good health till he was seven years

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of effective closure by the higher pressure of arterial recoil,

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symptoms regress quickly on withdrawing the medica-

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gular or constant in the number of pieces into which they

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against a water tank, laying open the inner side of the ankle.

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ultimately chairman of the Judicial Council; as member and

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the spleen join the lacteal s, and immediately above this union

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Painful stimuli were acutely felt, but their perception was

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and to be governed by special instructions from the

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to be paid back over a period of three years without

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The routine pap smear, which is accurate in the diagnosis of

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or passive external rewarming. Active rewarming is mandatory for

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but had noticed nothing very definite to complain of until

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muscle of beagle dogs. It also was shown that dobutamine

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/, Lymphatics from the thyroid gland running upon the

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and that to take only the final products of a pathological

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absorbing vessels has been obtained by fragments, and that our

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DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Adults: Usual dosage of Bronkodyl is 200

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for “cerebral mucormycosis” is in the class Phycomycetes,

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level with crest of the ilium. In the middle of left cheek dis-

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