abscess cavity surrounded by adherent intestines which can not

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The area which for purposes of my work I have here designated

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represents— as I shall show you immediately: Have they

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(1894), 1895, 526-528.— West (S.) Case of erythema (?)

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wholly on the after-results, but also on the influence it

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where, and that is acupressure. Sir James Simpson's favorite

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foregoing precautions are properly attended to ; on the contrary, it seems

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the opposite side of the sac and the end of the trocar carried

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115. BERRlDfiE. — .\nxsthesia by Rapid Breathing.

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affection. The oedema is generally first observed on the face, particularly

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systems, which are afterwards confined to one region only

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irregul.irities in the proportionate size of the four

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Assistant Physician, Royal Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh.

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all the differences, taking every possible concurrence, or some function of such

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suicidal hanging which are likely to come before a medical practitioner. In

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covered from with partial loss of motion. It is usually many

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of ten weeks he gained 10 pounds in weight. His urine remained

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rounding sac ; it may contain nothing but liquid, but generally it containa

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The cartilaginous portion was entirely wanting, and the

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the acute stage subsides and during the whole of the

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impairment of function in such cases. The ratio of albumin to

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