puted fact. The remedy, so far as the former evil is con-

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healthy than another. For instance, the town of Lagos, whilst in an

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quite unique, which I do not for a moment believe, the mem-

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It IS difficult to give an explanation of this strange phenome-

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and if because of there being three dimensions there may pos-

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tion department. The body of men who filled that depart-

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roughly satisfied with the knowledge displayed by the class^ and would

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A Member asks how to prevent an ordinary elastic bandage for varicose

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instances from frost bite. Further south, in Foochow, there

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The late Dr. Stokes always laid down that in such cases

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Monday, May i5th, at S.30 p m., when Mr. F. C. Dodsworth, Vice-President

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United Kingdom on exactly the same footing, and to abandon the local

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A case in point soon after came under my care at the Hull

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tion to withdraw the privileges hitherto accorded was sliortly

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to the anterior abdominal parietes, the ileum, and especially to the

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Governor (who can forward a list of the Committee of Election) by

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Cholera.— The Cha«>cellor of the txcHEQUEE, in reply to Mr.

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The patient, K. M., aged 27, was admitted to the Royal Infirmary, March

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should not be much diflieulty, for meningitis apart from

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Method of Treating Malignant Disease of the Tonsil.

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the only possible local authorities. Its general effect was,

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in the digestive tube. Dr. Ch. Macalister has shown that

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peral cases, an egual quantity of hot water added gives a 1 in 2.000 solu-

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taken by the authorities at Basle. In -Vmerica, Philadelphia has raised

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to be removed to the hospital ships. The managers have recently

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not ask his readers to pay for the privilege of competing —

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well shown by a case admitted to the Leeds Infirmary under

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to cumulative penalties was sustained were that by facilitat-

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were some years ago described by Landau and Lindner as

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against any given operation, may be arrived at. In my own

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cried for water : even milk and water it would have none of :

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disaster were suppurative keratitis, cyclitis, or irido-choroid-