medulla spinalis, which rarely occurs in the traumatic, but is occasionally the cause of the
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urement of beatings of the pulse, which are said to have
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MuNDfc also presented the tubes and ovaries removed a week
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The changes which follow the introduction of a virus into
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board of the State, and today he would be indicted and incarcerated
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1. H. L. Collins, re final Examination : Must comply with regulations.
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result of pressure exerted at the base of the brain by inward displace-
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was called in during his absence. The child had been taken sick
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cine; Fellow of the Chicago Academy of Medicine, etc., Second edition, revised. Philadelphia, W.
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obtained by the hypermetropic eye, and as it was doubt-
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is found to lose its tenacity or strength in the course of from one
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the treatment of the various species of fever. Lancet,
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Metabolism experiments on this dog have been reported.^ There was severe
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immunizations. All occurred within 24 hours of immuniza-
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6 Archiv fiir Verdauungs-krankheiten Bd. ix. Heft 2.
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gical lesion, it is easy to theorize, but more difficult to prove the
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readily cured, and, as was observed in the case of cardiac muscle, the pre-
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of the disease are the sea-coast towns, the banks of
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as the fever advances, so does emaciation ; and strength becomes
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for a long time, and he considers it an extremely rare
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direct application of cold will soon cause the open orifices of the
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discovering whom we mean, 'twill answer for several of 'em) who has a
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and hence is under the control of the central nervous system, regulating
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I have now long advocated, and it gives me some satis-
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rience, and therefore wish to emphasize the statement that we
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Mode of Death. — In only a small proportion of the cases included in our
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rigors followed by some amount of pyrexia. On admission the
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Beyer ( H. G.) Foot-ball and the physiqiip of its devo-
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great danger to the heart in those who suffered from any
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by doses of iron ammonia citrate. Dr. Qiiayle. of Madison,
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chloroform for short cases where nitrous-oxide and oxygen would
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which Trousseau would have his readers to believe, and unquestion-