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joint, making movement an impossibility (hence the name, "abou-
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for the study of an uncomplicated aneurism of the sec-
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field, New Bedford and Salem 1 each. From whooping-cough
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others, the President ruled that boards of trustees could only be
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a pound, or a pound and a half, was administered to a single pa-
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nervous communication from one organ, in which it is developed,
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The responsibility of the auesthetizer does not cease with the ter-
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str.]: Rev. de cien. m6d., Habana, 1888, no. 32, 3. .
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all this be just as I put it, no one can gainsay that the ' City of Brotherly
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and proximate cause, each writer who has treated of it has employed
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tended scientific truths, and fictitious statistics,
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of cat (Herring), a, c,f, cells of pars intermedia ; b, a cell undergoing granular
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to prevent the child dying from haemorrhage. Such a view assumes not only
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ries, instead of being promiscuously used to denote
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Bone-Marrow, Cerebrinin, Didymin, Ox-Bile, Pig-Bile, and Residuum
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be said. * * * *" — American Journal of Surgery and Gynecology, February,
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ment and delirium. The dosage of the drug is regulated to get these
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case occurred in this city, in July 1838, where death was thus caused in-
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Lotion for Farcy. Dissolve 1 oz. of sulphate of iron in a quart
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care to bother with, a few hints as to the best way to
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tecting wall around inside by the localized peritonitis
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The author has studied most carefully the pathology of this disease,
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bold enough to stand up bravely in the defence of the matter ;
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the ears. These symptoms continued off and on for two
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The advantages have already been noticed under the head of wounds
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intracranial pressure as disclosed by the ophthalmoscopic examination
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Also, transl. : Aerztl. Ber. d. k. k. allg. Krankeuh. zu
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Havard, Valert, Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Assigned
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horrible groans. So dreadful is the aspect of this suffering, that these
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lish labels and English written prescriptions, come
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primary bubo begins to develop a few hours after the general symptoms.
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painful deglutition, and is attended by redness and swelling of
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mechanisms employed in arc lamps : ( 1 ) those which main-