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factors and premises. First, it must be recognized that a careful

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all physicians, and which we fear is too true: "The only justification for dis-

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V*" These actions are molecular and nutritive, or formative; they are

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Mellanby's study of creatinine excretion - - - - 17

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puscle. The bulk of it was made up of detritus, cocci,

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rheumatic character, and applied only domestic remedies for its relief. After

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delegates on Children's Hospitals, Deaf-mutes, Blind

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tissue^ have grasped the great therapeutic principle

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oxygen-carriers here. Before proceeding further, however, the work of

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of Hewson, only just sufficient to afford the data for a correct diagnosis and

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twice in the year, in the months of May and November, and

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with the same general symptoms as in the faucial disease.

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The work of Mott has* been noted in which he found evidence of an

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mucoid and not at all suspicious looking. Nevertheless, it may

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sisting in a circumscribed dilatation of one or more of

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but be surprised that the " anonymous writer," digni-

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Found in the cultures from Camembert cheese in the laboratories at Storrs, Conn.

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bion is cirrhotic. Oil}' casts or renal epithelial cells containing oil in

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lying in front of, or just medial to, the ascending colon and

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never become so. He asserts, moreover, that u bronchial bleeding

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thickness of a piece of whip-cord, at the meatus urinarius. She was in

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