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care. One of the worst cases of cerebral disease which I have wit-
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develops during the invasion period and the basilar meninges are not involved.
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spleen. The sense of fluctuation, and especially the purring tremor,
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Chittenden regarding the absorption of protein exhibited by
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In order to obtain medical information from the other dispensary
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e.xtraneous poison. The experiments of Nussbaum with in-
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stitute essential elements in the work of physicians and '
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w^ithout giving rise to any symptom of discomfort, or without producing
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FallopieylUh trub. [Primary tuberculosis of the Fallopian
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the twelfth and thirteenth centuries it was observed that catarrh
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the dwelling, hospital, barrack-room, or hut. Such refuse must
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Lehigh Valley M. Mag., Eastou, Pa., 1890-91, ii, 6.— I.o-
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general debility and anaemia, dependent on any cause
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the learned. I make this confession in no captious spirit, but with
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the swelling graduaUy extends from the left hypochondrium, obliquely,
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under the influence of chloroform during that period, and hitherto no
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Clinical Course, starting third Monday of every month.
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former in appearance, and like these may carry various morpho-
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side to side in progression. Vision is much impaired. The
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ject aimed at. Dr. Cagney urged that if any benefit
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severe cases it was like dark soap— in a few cases there was a froth in mouth
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ber. I was informed that her ipains had been regular until about an hour
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more than a dozen different articles were given in the course of an
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the spark condenser lamp, is of value. This latter fact is
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Dr. Merrill's report is only a preliminary one, and after
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cases, but should never be employed when the cream and milk
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the period of acute injury from uranium, and also during the period
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interruptions. In the faradic apparatus the stimulation
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