professor of chemistry and physics in Williams College, Mas-
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food or medicine. After a single application of the
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Accordingly, I visited her a short time since, and found
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absorbents to secrete the fluid as fast as it is produced, which
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mediately beneath the membrane. And in a more advanced stage
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introduction of the ligature gains in interest, and it is to
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win," Assistant of the Surgical Clinic at Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. Edited
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in March, i860, and commenced practice in Brooklyn. Soon after this event Dr.
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Dr. Henry Kennedy said that the tendency to set down different
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ably declined, there must arise a corresponding increase in mortality
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In some of the cases where an ulcer of fair size was found on
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There are numerous theories as to the nature of diabetes mellitus, but none
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21. On Diseases of the Prostate Gland. By James Stannus Hughes,
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patient should never be left alone, as some have been lost from want of
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scene. Towards the last it is sometimes noticed that the speech is embar-
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her she was still able to walk about, although the greater part of the time
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and, as a rule, certain features predominate. This, however, is not always
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pressure, and with a strong tendency to bleed on the
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with a dilatation of the left pupil. Her general health was
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extremities ; she was becoming weaker, and the pulse was
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IV. — Twelve Cases of Injury of Head came under treatment, two proved
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mild provisions and the merely discretionary jiower
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may be made as Liquor Calumb^e. See Chamomile Drops
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The contractile power of the muscles is generally much im-
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took place without the knife, but the very large ma-
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22. Gutzeit, R.: Ein Teratom der Zirbeldruese, Inaug. Dissert., Koenigsberg,
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to possible etiological factors contributing to the development of