herpes is the “fever blister” or “cold sore,”
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It is given in tablets of 2^ grains ; one to four of these
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weakness developed in the flexor muscles of the left leg. The temperature
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gles. When the abscess has discharged into the trachea daily
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(twenty-first) edition, thoroughly revised, greatly enlarged and
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mula, which, says the writer, is less efficacious than the pre-
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mersed in the water. Stimulant spirituous fomentations —
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Colubrida', comprising all harmless snakes, Colubridas venenosa-
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colour of the deposit is in itself characteristic of arsenic, but whether this is seen
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and for the most part accompanied by distressing hiccough.
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lar or crowded. The coming of the wisdom teeth often causes con-
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that Hewson mistook minute air bubbles for globules of the blood,
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only the limbs, but the muscles of the trunk and neck, and
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oculated with this microbe, into other rabbits, the latter
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gions, while other serums experimented with do not have
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Life of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century (2v., London,
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therefore, at all times, be prevented from having access to food
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hospital of Sir Patrick Dun, on the 13th of last June, and who died four
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