and Father Bogliolo in New Orleans. Evidently close, prolonged and

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sent day have not recurred ; the general health and appear-

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It is unnecessary to have constantly on hand all the remedies

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infected abdominal wounds, and states that this is infrequent

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tegument of feet and nates still quite without sensation.

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instances they are not so large as a walnut ; in others

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2. Physiology. — Among points in this connection yet to be worked

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syphilitic matter and vaccine, and of the vaccination of large

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bladder is not to be applied to such symptomatic contractions of the

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Fig. 7. — B. fyocaneus. Isolated from j-dW c.c. of the eflfluent from the secondary

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general color of the liver ia earthy gray, with yellow points in some places,

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The diagnostic signs of navicular lameness are — 1st. Negative ;

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covered with a thin film of paraffin in order to prevent alkaU from the dass

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a form of conjunctivitis as the results of chloral.

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the character of which, and the resulting products, being due to "the

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as high as 104°, fell between the fourteenth and fifteenth days

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8vo, 100 pagesL Price, f i.oa Published by J. B. Lippincott Co.,

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portance of distinguishing between septiciemia and pyaemia in

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A. Andrews, of the Bruce Reporter (Kincardine) says : " I think

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does not grow in the usual culture nitidia, so that when

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drate of chloral and bromide of potash were given at bed-

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splenic leishmaniosis and internal leishmaniosis, caused

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conference must be held. Parents must be notified of this

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The comparative mortality of the dififerent months was as follows.

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defined signs. During this lengthy period the appetite remains good and