or antitoxin. If proteins are amphoteric, as is generally believed,

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bites, in the event of the dog becoming rabid, the per-

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injury necessarily fatal. I saw the little patient about

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. . . improve patient compliance with your instructions.

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Army M. Dep. Re]). 1889 Lond., 1891, xxxi, 403-418, 4 ch.—

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difference that, after being coagulated by alcohol, it is redissolvable in water,

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tial gingivitis. Among vegetable alteratives having a like

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strated the fact that but a trace of antitoxin can be found in the

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stimulation In psychopathic subjects, G. P. Grabneld,

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the use of the warm bath. He says : " We cannot doubt that the mortality in

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moderately enlarged. In less active cases the lymphatic picture is

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removal of the instrument from the limb. I believe it is now

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or cirro stratus, or one perhaps, immediately formed for the

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leprosy; and shaU hereafter consider the arrest of growth which follows

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gresses. In 1125 cases of this series the heart sounds were clear through-

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Third. It is in vain to declaim against the multiplication of medi-

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and Labat are added, we get 16,917 animals which had a

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.liu.iv.ing to hear sever-K wounded men, who have suffered considerable

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The nocardia are distinguished from the microorganism of actinomy-

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the ear, and hot gargles to relieve the accompanying throat affec-