Academy of Pediatrics. Williamsburg Lodge and Confer-
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with fatty degeneration of the heart; 2 died of gastro enteritis, both
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eighth time on August ICth, when 600 c. c. were re-
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him that such things are plentiful enough, they are easily
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I do not deny that the starting-point of such an in-
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drugs which we know by experience diminish increased
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tically the same state of nutrition and strength for many
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the Hearsey one for the latter, both of which had as a basis the adminis-
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Dr. Rogers, of Xew York. Shortly afterwards my &iend.
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occurred during the night, so that he first became aware that the
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lessness, cries, slight convulsive movements, loss of power in the hind legs, and
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of the serodiaguosis of Widal. J Orvosi hetil., Budapest,
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ested in the prolongation of life, as well as in the early
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757,177. ••Pneumatic Massage Apparatus," Frederick H. Crabtree, Anaconda, Mont.
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three days of the beginning of the attack, or at about
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tation. -(2) The greatest part of the injurious rays are
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]\r. Month.. Richmond, l'889-90, xvi, 807-814.— West-
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more energy on sex than health and strength admit of. So
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starvation an urgent feeling of hunger is not a prominent symp-
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not require separate consideration. Some of these varieties rest on an insuffi-
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delphia, if we may trust the tales which are told of him,
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wound. I performed a somewhat similar operation to improve
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biceps-jerks, triceps-jerks, and wrist-jerks are exaggerated. The spastic
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are nothing more than sensible objects, it is manifest that
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change is to be seen in the muscles, generally due to the same
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intention, derived an additional motive for recommending it.
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In the above cases I would not hesitate to urge the advisability,
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in 1830, under the direction of the United States Govern-
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9. Attendance at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
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I trust, therefore, that our friend and brother, at some fu-
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cleaned. In this way many foci for the distribution of
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studied the diastatic ferment in the urine quantitatively in the hope
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middle ages, this name had been corrupted, in Old Ger-
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ment impinged ujion the upper. It is claimed by this
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ing volition, and performing the first class of movements. Whea
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marked tendency to resolve under general antisyphilitic treatment.
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years. Cobb^ has described epiploitis due to a needle which appeared
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and position wliicli it undergoes take place as a con-