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continue after the operation her control over the escape of urine." . . . "The

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rity of the hospital surgeon, Mr. Naudi, that in the plague at Malta, in

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different joints, or rotation of the whole limb. Spasmodic movements

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"whatever Acts you pass or whatever powers you confer upon

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tion of such structures as the cervical vertebras, the head

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jutant's office for the information of the commanding officer. Pre-

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crystals. The addition of alkalis also dissolves the precipitate particu-

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tal, Damascus, Syria. Residency at the Medical College of Ohio,

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treatment of fractures of the thigh", — the object of the surgeon

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Complications and Sequelae. — The most important complications —

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from the place of inoculation showed many cocci, while the

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It having been strongly represented to Messrs. SatOET and

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meals, and then daily to eat three or four pounds of grapes besides,

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insuperable barrier to the passage of the elements of generation.

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that foreign growths have occurred in the opening of the air passages, in

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E. A. McDonald, 5R and 59 Downs Block, Seattle, • W. H. Saylor, 114 California St., San Francisco,

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agent in bleaching, (upon a knowledge of its powers

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f6i'ieures de quelques sauriens. Bull. Soc. i)hilomat. de

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Db. Jos. L. Miller: Have Dr. Janeway's patients who lost weight

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and Portland streets, druggists. They may be obtained at No. 9 Howard street.

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Some few steps have been taken in tracing to external

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sympathetic (adrenergic) activity. It is to be noted that in male sexual

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muscular atrophy may be present in chronic myelitis of the cervical

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by fleas taken from the infected breeding-cage. The method

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else. When they were rolling the logs you said, "I am as good a man

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David Nelson, New Sydeuham Society Year-Book of Medicine and Surgery for

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months after inoculation. The lesions are not striking.

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at the first attempt. You have to consider what effect the disease

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institution, now justly considered the first in EuroiDe, is of

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the Methodists, he did not hesitate to depart from the

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is availed of as an aid to diagnosis. Under all conditions it

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Induration of the white tissues, is often produced by irritation

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On Immediate Surgical Interference in Cases of Perforation

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which is purely accidental. There are many diseases which have not, as

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pital. Second Edition, with 12 Engravings. 8vo, 14s.

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infiltrated; the subjacent and intervening structures

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endorsed by the medical profession, of theoretic over