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1 This formation of the arterial valves is described and delineated by Morgagni,

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or along the pelvic vessels and they may be gerous region. After exposing the vessels

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in the glare of the electric light and the presence of keen and

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Sanitarians are satisfied, with the evidence presented, that most at

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, d result; of treatment, in a consecutive series of gunshot wounds (high

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reluctant, answers. There are in many cases pains in the loins, hypo-

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For wounds or lacerations the kidney has been extir-

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been kept of over 400 cases so treated. The results are

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(Coram, de Morb. Quibusdam, Art. 79.) But to return : 2. A

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milk. The patient should be kept on a milk diet until all

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iand hardened in formalin, after which it was examined by the

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as a copious flow of fluid. The patient was a young

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serviceable in tuberculosis. Tumours of syphilitic origin may often, if

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vertebral, and thyroid axis would not keep up the circulation

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thus described : " To perform the operation, the patient ought to

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Rossbach : " Never, as far as we know, has a case of

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able gowns or aprons, as considerable soiling of the surroundings

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tion. In the last case, the purife|in matter is unequally mixed,

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by whatever name it may be called, it is an operation well worthy of considera-

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Medicine in relation to tlio Mind. Illustrated. 1 vol., 8vo. . .Cloth, 3 5