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Dr. U. Nelson Voldeng, Des Moines, has been appointed

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nervous system. The facts I am to relate, ought to make physicians

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to no more than this : that active purging is sometimes followed

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White's case m.SLj be briefly summarized. The patient was a boy

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death. It remains to be seen what use the Government or the

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treatment with antimony, it died a year later of trypanosomiasis.

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various persons, resident in different States, some of them where

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background. Although they may appear anywhere upon the face, nose,

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complete, and it rarely is so, the degree varies in different cases, and in dif-

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Medical Sciences, April, 1873, Dr. Harlan showed that in the

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four days, the polypus becomes the seat of a kind of inflammation which extends

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and especially to those who practice in the South. The work,

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sent attempt, in some small degree, to discharge this duty.

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prospect of iUegitimate offspring, required more pro-

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ferred. It is quickened intensely by a warm moist air ; it is

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boldly and uncompromisingly for the fullest, and freest, and highest

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