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rule, in those of short duration — notably confusional in-
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in Kansas, however, shows that this problem of prophylaxis is not
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try, so that its merits can »oon be tested, and medi(;a1 Hcience
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StTii»cuiiTio> Tkrms: 85.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,
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the capillaries close to the islands of Langerhans.
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the case; but that this increased impetus of the blood in the larger ves-
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case of disease, but when kept for twenty or thirty years, is very val-
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headache, and, on one occasion only, vomiting. Two weeks later internal
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The sooner treatment is commenced the more successful it
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A few months since, an aged lady of sixty or upwards, watched one
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hospital and home," began its second volume. It is a neatly
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atic Cold Bathing," by Dr. James C. Wilson, of Philadel-
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member that a very great variety of diseases of the abdom-
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of pus are well defined and associated with evidences
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favourable to the administration of arsenic, it cannot be hazard-
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cases of arthritic rheumatism, attended with fever, where, after the violent
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efforts of those around her in doing their best to comfort
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all with her throat. I saw her about a year ago, the
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otherwise beneficial. Hence it is difiScult to draw the line between that
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much suffering. When it is certain that the eye has been
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From 1820 to 1870 surgeons admitted that these abscesses were the
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into the lungs, and the gastric and small intestinal mucosa. At the same time a
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disbelieve in a future state. All these are old vagaries of the
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Dose : Three or four drops from one to three hours apart.
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delicate a reagent can not enter into consideration in con-
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tary the personal record blanks of all members which have not been
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i'ure, but the tafk would be endlefs. "^Suffice it to obfervc, thai
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4. As the appropriation is small, it is proper that it
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' Diathermancy of the air at Sierra Madre (sixteen miles north of Los An-
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it, but without using an unjustifiable amount of force we could urge them no
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ditions of the alimentary canal. Diphtheria is most apt
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free from albumen, and each ounce contains 24 grains of sugar. As an evidence
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in concluding that the matter had found entrance into the pleura pre-
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will not. give it much attention. When we, as a profession, learn to
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root." We shall not often err, however, I think, if we pay proper at-
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fats, camphor, and the volatile oils. Carbolic acid is frequently
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flakes of pus adherent to the bladder wall. In five there was edema or
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the body, many of these parts have their own vitality; some of them
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ness among the passengers of more than one solitary barque on the
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Dr. Babcock : I would suggest Superior. We have in that part
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common unless the wound has been inadvisedly interfered
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Remained during the time of observation in about the same con-
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consequently dependent upon the maker of the instrument. The author will omit
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records of hospitals and dispensaries, and the information obtained
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