tract. It holds true now just as much as it always has

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Wickham, Catherine Ida, s, Eau Claire, Wis. A.B. (St. Clara C.) '21; A.M. (Columbia

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of the stricture to such an extent that where bougies could not be passed

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ington, secretary; Dr. William M. Sprigg, Washington, re-

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From observation during a recent visit to tliis institution, we are enabled to

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is strikingly suggested by the fact that when lesions are met with they are

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the matter realize, as Bergeron so graphically puts it, that the

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and on arriving at the College, the patient was ex-

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Upon the 15th of August, Dr. Ayres was appointed 2d Assistant

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*Rcad before the Ontario Educational Association, March 30th, 1910.

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mobilised colon into the pelvis was sometimes very great, and

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appoint a committee to consider what you will do in the

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useless except in very exceptional cases. They are as a rule mere figure-

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ciple of the aconite. It is the most poisonous of the alkaloids.

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peristalsis in the second form of intestinal motility. Later the

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several excellent illustrations of neat dissections of parts of

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effused into the cavities of the pleura and peritoneum and

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ligament of Clado) is of possible etiological importance. It is supposed

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nosis: "When you hear hoofheats, think horse, not zebra." If you have

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anterior wall of the left ventricle. Its dimensions were

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so far, that he seemed to me better than at any time since the

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port of the retail druggists if only the latter ^^^jj „iiom he was intimately in contact.

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or antitoxin. If proteins are amphoteric, as is generally believed,

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At the apex itself the diastolic bruit is heard, with a " pre-

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of the organism by the more virulent infection. The blood of four

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long, the patient may be regarded as improving, but here the con-

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, Iq coucluaioii, aithongb the diaguosis of eraall-pos ie at times «nerf,

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It does, however, cause a precipitation of phosphates.

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point, as being one of great practical importance, I shall

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until a couple of years before, when the steady increase

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Here the heart muscle is paralyzed by distension, and is found,

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" ga,nization of the college, adopted the most efl[icient

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full disclosure of their status during busy rounds they

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application for one or two weeks and the redness will

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employed in state and city registration reports and bulletins should be

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was an extensive development of fibrous tissue in the

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Either — Half a pint (Imperial) of Port, Sherry, or

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