In the British Medical .ToritNAL of October 3rd, 1891, a fuli

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structure quite as clearly as those taken from sections of

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Leeds; Arthur H. Laver, M.R.C.S., Sheffield; John W.

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Coast of Aracan. Following a north-east course, it loses its influ-

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throws on the deeper and wider problems ofjpathology that it

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xanthine and hypoxanthine are formed instead. With the

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and medical oflicers of health able to give evidence concern-

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limbs as well as on the bodies of soloiers. In the latter case,

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My hon. friend maybe quite sure that he will have the fuUcot opj-or-

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ascertained. The mental symptoms in both cases were those

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ing, and was to be buried there on Friday morning. Many of

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The proceedings of the last County Council meeting of the

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The conclusions arrived at by the writer of the report are

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latter was a prisoner of war, aged 71. In 1846 Dr. Craverh

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situation. As it falls over on to its side, and because of this

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taken good care of, the cubicles were in perfect order, there

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great inconvenience ai;d discomfort from prolapse of the bladder she

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pepsin which has been absorbed from the alimentary canal.

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of burghal health committees, two chairmen of county health

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of years in which I helped to supervise their work at St. Bar-

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this number, applied to the total of the population then enumerated,

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January 21st. The rash has begun to fade, and on the face it is

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■of explaining the origin of such a lesion seemed insurmountable. In

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ths Question of a Medical Tariff for the Towns of Maidstone, Rochester,

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old reflections with little novelty of presentation. In his

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tion of the community as against probable mischief to the general pub-

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and emphysema the effect is satisfactory ; the cough dimin-

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points. Some state that the kidneys are the chief eliminators,

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found that in sheep the elimination of lead mostly takes

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veloped the disease almost simultaneously. The remaining two— girls

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obtains among their representatives in the higher levels. If,

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physicianship, in succession to Dr. Gowers. For some years

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changes are arrested. Various parts, especially the extremi-

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hypothesis that artificial nucleic acid is identical with that occurring in

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and the new medicine. But few will be prepared for the im-

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Zoological Society of London, .3, Hanover Square, 8..30 p.m.

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the pressure of the water on their bodies, which at that depth

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notes, extracted or condensed from current medical literature,