was the interest manifested in the schools by the public at large. The
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plicated cases, and may, indeed, be diminished ; this is especially apt
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these spasms became general, the reflexes, both superficial
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Scrofula may be inherited from scrofulous parents, whose disease is
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emanations are often manifest to the sense of smell. Edwards, in his work on
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Traumatic Popliteal Aneurism. By J. T. Dunn, M. I>. 15
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promptly to a large swelling which becomes very firm. After several
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sweat -ducts caused by some obstruction at their orifices. No other
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pregnant women;" and hence he deduces an obvious explanation of the
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the case continued until Friday morning, when, rising upon
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think that it would be expedient to stretch them to
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pans in the baggage-cars. 6. Baggage-cars which are not trans-
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of tlie femur a sequestrum was discovered, the involu-
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fluenza pneumonia is caused only by a mixed infection with pneu-
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In these cases it is insufficient to ascribe the bleeding immediately to
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diuretic, or only exerts its effects through the heart,
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early stages of the malady. It is a clear watery or slightly gray-
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prises what are generally known as tuberculides — viz., lichen scrofu-
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started by the occurrence of measles, scarlet fever, whooping-
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statistics of the institution. Nine operations have
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The Therapeutic Employvient of Sialogogues. — The above
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B Gemfibrozil Therapy in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
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So also with other aspects of the art of the general practi-
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In summary, we reported the successful use of IGF-I in
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time come recently under Dr. Ewing's notice. The first was
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spread-eagleism, when we point to the facts of om* Sanitary
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of 200 c.c. of a 3.8 per cent, solution of sodium citrate in distilled
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(twenty-first) edition, thoroughly revised, greatly enlarged and